Sacred Soul Foundations

"Where your Souls Journey begins"

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Sept. 23rd 2019 - Mar. 22nd 2020

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Welcome to the Spiritual Soul Language!

This module is comprised of 5 Portals guiding you deeper into your Soul Language and Wisdom. We are each born with intuitive capacities that often lay dormant, or are left behind with childhood, until we are ready to remember and reopen them once again.


Developing your intuition alongside a devotional practice will help you attune and refine your connection with your Soul Self and Spirit. Whether you actively engage with your intuition or are just beginning, this course will guide you deeper into your soul language and sacred medicine.


This is not about creating a cookie cutter approach to follow, rather this is about empowering you to seek, explore and discover what your unique approach to Spirit is.


Over the course of 6 month you will be guided through the following portals:

Sacred Practice

In order to develop and hone your skills, you need to create a sacred container and practice for your exploration. In this portal you will learn how to create sacred space for yourself, including how to ground and clear your energy, create an altar and how to incorporate a devotional practice into your daily life.

This practice will evolve over time, depending on what suits you best and what is needed in any given moment. It is where you will practice and explore during our time together.

Soul Journey

It is important to take a look at the road you have already travelled in order to appreciate the journey and how far you have travelled. In this portal you will be given prompts and questions to explore some of the initiations you have gone through, what your gifts are and where you feel you desire more support.

Intuition & Soul Language

 In this portal we take a deep dive into the world of intuition. Discover which of your intuitive languages are most powerful and which ones you would like to further develop. Does information just drop into your mind? Do you feel and sense the truth around you? Perhaps you see energy physically or in your mind’s eye. Perhaps you have a keen sense of symbols and metaphors guiding you through life.

Over the course of 2 weeks you will spend time playing and exploring with intuition and developing your skills in order to prepare you for divination and conversations with Spirit.

Divination Tools

Now that you are clear on your soul language and how to tune into your intuition, you will learn how to use other tools to develop your ability to communicate with your Higher Self/Inner Wisdom. In this portal we will explore oracle cards, crystals, sacred herbs and other tools for divination.

Spirit Tribe

You come into this world with a team of guides here to help you. All you need to do is ask and they are ready and willing to guide you, point you in the right direction, give you reassurance and offer healing assistance. Now that you have deepened your intuitive skills, you will learn the language of spirit, to read their guidance and have meaningful interactions with them. You will also learn how to call on those who are not specifically on your team, but who are at the disposal of the collective for assistance.

What is included in the Spiritual Soul Language module 


As part of the Sacred Medicine Path, you will have members only access.

You will also receive:

 ~Supporting documents: Workbooks, Sacred Practice Journal, Sacred Teachings.

~There will be simple and easy sacred practices to follow.

~Audios and Videos to support your Journey.

~Guest Teachers

~Plus 3 live calls

~A private FB group

Moon Wisdom

"Discover the Wisdom of Grandmother Moon"


You will learn when your intuition is most heightened and how the moon influences your intuition, your emotions and your energy.

During this 4 week sacred teaching, you will explore five of the moon phases.

New Moon


Full Moon


Dark Moon

This Moon Wisdom module will take you through a live and experiential journey of a  full cycle of the moon.

We will be starting on the Dark Moon and ending on the New Moon.

As part of the journey on the

Sacred Medicine Path


You will have members only access.

You will also receive:

 ~Supporting Documents: Workbooks, Moon Calendar, Moon Phases Charting, Sacred Teachings about each of the five Moon Phases.

~There will be simple and easy rituals and moon wisdom sacred practices.

~Audio Meditation

~Guest Teacher

~Plus 3 live calls

In this module you will have the opportunity to learn how to work with the lunar cycle in order to deepen your connection with its medicine, your intuition and the impact of astrological configurations. Each lunar cycle can be used to create an intention, clear obstacles and call in magic in order to co-create with the Universe.

During the lunar cycle you will work with the Moon as a part of your sacred practice.

Sacred Earth Wisdom

"Embody the Sacred Earth Wisdom & Medicine"


As part of the journey on the

Sacred Medicine Path


You will have members only access.

You will also receive:

 ~Supporting Documents: Workbooks, Sacred Teachings

~Audio Meditation

~Guest Teacher

~Plus 3 live calls

There is an invisible thread that connects us all - it flows through the etheric realms and weaves into the physical and back again. It guides the cycles here on earth, both in nature and within our physical bodies. Ancient Civilizations noted the impact of the cosmos on the earth, its seasons, and how it was reflected within their communities, activities and themselves. From this wisdom they developed the

Wheel of the Year.


This module will include: 

~An introduction to the concept of Animism - the nature of the life force that animates both the seen and unseen worlds. 

~ Learn about the Wheel of the Year and learn how to incorporate the energies of the Holy Days/Sabbats and their celebrations into your everyday life.

~You will be given suggestions for rituals, ceremonies and tools that you can use to help you deepen with the natural cycles around you.


In addition, you will also learn about Sacred Archetypes, Nature Spirits, Plant Spirits and Fairies that oversee and nurture the natural world and the Sabbats.


This module will build upon both the knowledge and skills you developed in the previous modules and help you to deepen into your own sacred medicine and how to work with the Cosmic-Earth cycles.