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School of the Sacred Medicine Weaver

What is YOUR Sacred Medicine?


The Sacred Medicine Path is calling you to embody your innate Sacred Soul Medicine.  


The sacred journey for 2018 has already begun.

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The 9 month sacred medicine path program has 9 Sacred Portals of wisdom teachings and medicine tools.  Each step you take on the Sacred Medicine Weaver path will lead you deeper into your soul's wisdom and into your unique sacred medicine.

This 9 month Sacred Teaching Path is for you if...

You desire to create a daily sacred practice?

You want guidance on how to weave a spiritual practice with your daily life?

You want to create ways to balance your Body, Mind & Spirit a goal for you? 

You feel alone on your path and want to connect with others who have similar questions and experiences?

You are interested in many different spiritual and traditional teachings and medicine paths?

You are feeling the calling of your own wisdom stirring within you and desire to embody its wisdom?

You seeking clarity & guidance on your soul path?​

You desire to live your life with purpose and passion?

You crave a daily personal spiritual practice that integrates your lifestyle and beliefs?

You want to know ways to deepen your own spiritual practice...

You desire to remember the sacred medicines, magics and mysteries...

You are ready to awaken and empower yourself and build your sacred medicine tool box...

You are ready to learn how to weave these teachings and sacred medicine tools together, in order to create your own unique medicine wisdom in the world?

You also seek ways to incorporate your sacred medicine wisdom and tools into your business?

Are Ready To Awaken & Claim Your Soul's Medicine?

Sacred Portal One we explore various tools, techniques and methods to assist you in creating your own daily Sacred Practice...


~Daily rituals

~Meditation styles

~Visualization healing



~Boundaries & Protection


~Creative expression

Sacred Portal Two we will explore Your Spiritual Journey, Sacred Traditions, Sacred Sites & Religion vs. Spiritual Life

~Living a Spiritual Life

~Religion vs. Spirituality

~Spiritual Emergence

Spiritual Emergency

~Dark Night of the Soul


~Belief Systems

Sacred Portal Three you'll meet your spirit tribe and connect with them for guidance, clarity, wisdom and direction...

~Connect & build your relationship with Spirit

~Spirit Guide


~Ascended Masters

~Spirit Animal 

~Passed on Loved Ones


Sacred Portal Four you'll awaken and strengthen your unique intuitive abilities and reveal your own Soul Language...


~Intuitive Abilities




~Spirit Channeller


Sacred Portal Five, expand your knowledge on Sacred Medicine Tools and call in & create your own medicine chest...


~Medicine Box



~Sound Healing

~Essential Oils

~Feather Wands


Sacred Portal Six we'll step into the world of rituals, ceremonies,and creating sacred space...


~Creating sacred space

~Foundations of sacred circles

~Setting intentions

~Calling in the directions & elements

~Ritual sacred tools

~Sabbats/festivals/rites of passage

Sacred Portal Seven, learn about the Earth, Moon & Stars medicine and how to weave these medicine practices into your life...


~Wheel of the Year

~Moon Medicine

~Moon Cycles

~Astrological Wisdom

~Sun Signs

Sacred Portal Eight we'll explore various medicine paths such as Witchery, Priestess Path,  and Earth Magic...



~Witchery Spells

~Charms, Crystals, Candles

~Sacred Ritual Tools

~Nature Spirits

~Grimoire/Book of Shadows

Sacred Portal Nine explore your inner Wise Shaman and Medicine Woman...


~Medicine Wheel

~Modern Day Shamanism

~Shamanic Journeying

~Power Animal

~Healing & Divination

~Sacred Tools of Shamanism

Are you ready to embrace & weave YOUR Sacred Medicine?

During your 9 Month Sacred Journey...
You'll be supported in recognizing and birthing your own sacred medicine in the world...

What You Need To Know About The Sacred Portals

The Sacred Medicine Path has been designed in a way that it takes you on a journey to awaken and embrace a spiritual life that best aligns with your own beliefs, wisdom and interests.


You will journey through 9 different Sacred Portals over a period of nine months. 


Each portal is 28 days long and we take steps weekly to move through the 4 weeks of Sacred Wisdom.


 The layout of the portals are set in a way that helps support you to go deeper into your own gifts.


Each portal offers you the tools and know how to expand your knowledge, boost your confidence and give you the skills you need. 


You will be presented with:

 ~9 Sacred Portal Group Coaching & Mentoring Live Calls

~3 Personal Check In Sessions

~Monthly FB Live Office Hours

~Sacred Practice Journal

~Moon & Sabbat Calendar

 ~Sacred Teachings Videos & Audios




~Cosmic Updates

~Sacred Wisdom Exercises

~Member of the Sacred Medicine Path Y2, FB Group

~Special Rates for Workshops, Circles, Trainings and Retreats

~Access to 'Sacred Conversations' with guest Speakers and Teachers

...and much much more.

New This Year...

For those wanting to deepen & enhance their personal  Sacred Medicine

Add Sacred Soul Coaching & Mentorship Package to your Program


~7 one on one Coaching/Mentoring Sessions

~3 Soul Sessions 

~Sacred Medicine Gift

~2 Sacred Circles included (from Sept. 2018- July 2018)

~Bonus savings on Special Event Workshops

~One Guest Speaker spot on 'Sacred Conversations' *(SMP Y3)

~Opportunities to be a guest presenter at Sacred Wisdom Circles, Workshops & Retreats *(SMP Y3)

* (zoom call or in person, Collingwood, Ontario location)

WHAT PEOPLE are SAYing about the

Sacred Medicine Path

I feel the need to take a few minutes and let you know how big of a journey the Sacred Medicine Weaver Path was for me.  Some of the teachings I had already known.  Those teachings were taken to a much deeper level of understanding.  There were many portals that I had no idea what to expect.  And those were exciting for me because I love learning new things.  You get plenty of one on one time, even in the group setting.  Roberta always makes sure you are understanding, and more importantly USING, the information.  She challenges you.  And in return, you challenge yourself.  There was never a moment of disappointment, except when it was over.  I know that it was one more stepping stone on my journey that I had crossed.  I am now so much more comfortable and confident in myself and my magical workings.

— Janelle Olivas, North Dakota

SMP -2017/2018


~Special Guest Series~


Anastasia Watson

ReWilding Within

Anastasia is a self-health revolutionary who celebrates the magic in the mess of our daily lives, and helps you do the same. The founder and Chief Experience Officer of ReWilding Within, a business and way of being that was born of her own self-health resurrection journey, once considered, medically, a naive and impossible hope, and an unrealistic goal to achieve. As a speaker, teacher and energy reader she enthusiastically shares insights and inspirations uncovered in her unanticipated journey to ever increasing health, vitality, joy, and unapologetic self-love.


Maria Kurylo

The Mystical Collective

Maria's sacred work is to guide women back to their true embodied mystical essence as Wisdom-Keepers.  She is here to help you make sense of this path, of this calling, to empower you with the tools & the knowledge to take one courageous step after the other towards your (re)awakening consciousness.


Carina MacLaren

Divine Flow

"I am an artist and intuitive guide. I help you feel the waves of inspiration moving through your life and fully embrace them. I am in devotion to the creative cycle of life. Every offering that I create is an expression of my being. I allow my work to flow through me, and I enjoy supporting other women as they learn to embrace the force of creative flow in their lives with grace and ease. I believe that the universe gives you everything that you need to create with when it gives you a dream. I support and guide women as they tune into their abundance, resource themselves and create with intention. I work with women in sisterhood to help heal the wounds of competition and comparison, through soul aligned collaboration and partnerships." ~Carina MacLaren

shannon 1.jpg

Shannon Ledford

Honor The Feminine

"I help women Remember how truly Powerful they are & share their Voices to express their Truth. 

As a podcaster, I create & hold devotional space.  A space to come together where magic occurs.  It has been a transformative journey to share myself & my voice on my Honor The Feminine Podcast.  This became a platform for my growth & evolution & a place for my innate connector to play with my amazing guests."

Sam Sturgeon Rover House.jpg

Sam Black

Psychic Medium

Sam Black is an International Psychic Medium, Master Coach and Teacher and is the host of "Soul Full Connections with Sam Black" on Blog Talk Radio!  Sam has been connecting with Spirit since she was a child and sharing readings and messages since the age of 14 when a neighbour discovered her gifts and decided to mentor her.  She has a passion for helping others find healing in their lives and find the hidden gems that they have inside so that they can shine!


Terry Brancati

Conscious Living

Terry is a holistic nutritionist, self love advocate, and a spiritual healer. She has an undying passion for personal growth and inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves. Specializing in plant based eating, conscious living, and mindfulness; through meditation, yoga, and movement.


Tara Leduc

Everyday Mystic

Tara is an International Ambassador for Peace, an entrepreneur, a speaker, and a brilliant visionary.  This peacemaker and everyday mystic helps you find more peace in the middle of your busy, messy, perfectly imperfect life. She also is an energy healer who specializes in healing your money energy, and has a program called Cash Healing.  Experience across different cultures has provided her with an unshakable knowledge and faith that even though we are all different and unique, we are all fundamentally the same.

jennifer trinidad.jpg

Jennifer Hammond

Pure & Natural Euphoria

Jennifer is an Alchemist, Aromatherapist and recently Certified Reiki Practitioner. She is dedicated to continuing her studies and experiences of her Sacred Medicine Path; in rendering Customized Healing Products, Crystal Healing, Nature and all things Witchery.

Janelle Olivas


Witchery Momma

Janelle is a Herbalist, Reiki Master and Witchery Momma to her family, friends and community. ​She is passionate about sharing her magic and healing with the world, in order to support others in living a vibrant, holistic and magical life.

Janelle weaves her sacred medicine in creating a line of magically infused body care and aromatherapy products, along with other sacred witchery tools.

She is currently in training to become a certified Yoga Teacher and is a Sacred Medicine Path Apprentice.

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